Summit 400-48t - Isolating Subscriber Based VLANs

Hello, everyone!

I'm extremely new toe the world of ExNet, more specifically Extremeware (7.8) CLI. For the first time, we've decided to give ExNet a try using a Summit 400-48t.

I'm trying to translate a configuration I had configured on a Cisco 4506 that we use to provide service to our clients by isolating them on their own VLAN, with DHCP configured for each subnet.

We are using a ClearOS Server as our gateway which provides addresses with a scheme. I'm looking to configure each port (44 of the 48) with their own VLAN that will isolate them from other clients. Each VLAN will ideally issue IPs within the 172.16..0/24, respectively.

With Cisco, there is the ability to configure DHCP pools for each VLAN, create ACLs the segregate all VLANs from one another, and forward all other traffic to the router. I've spent the last week rumaging through documents, forums, and similar setups only to find setups for the wrong OS.

Any help is dearly appreciated!

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Extremeware is really old .
But i would say you should reach out to GTAC for some configuration help.
Any bug fixing will not be possible as it is end of engineering long back.
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Hi Ty,
Welcome to The Hub (and to Extreme Networks!). As Parthiban has mentioned, the Summit 400 series is very old and has gone End-of-Life as of 6/30/2013, so GTAC won't be much help. I hate that this is your first experience with Extreme Networks products - EXOS is very much improved over Eware 🙂

If you're creating individual VLANs per port, I think you can just use a BOOTP or DHCP Relay to get the IPs. I'm not sure how much you can do with routing after that - been a long time since I've used the ExtremeWare gear.
Take a look at page 671 of the ExtremeWare 7.8 User Guide. It covers the BOOTP topic and the relevant commands. Here's the command reference guide if you need it.