switch not enter administrator mode

I have a switch summit x440-L2-24t is remotely managed and authenticated to a radius server. I can not log in as administrator, entry into user mode only.

Previously entered as administrator.

The XOS version is patch1

Someone will have happened this problem?

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Hello Jhonn

Can you not log in because the switch can't talk to the radius server or it can get to the server and the account is not working.

Hello Paul

I go to switch my account from radius server, I logeo, but entered the user mode.

swcdv093.1 >

this does not happen with my other switches.
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Extreme Networks switches have two levels of user privilege:

• read-only
• read-write

Because no command line interface (CLI) commands are available to modify the privilege level, access rights are determined when you log in. For a RADIUS server to identify the administrative privileges of a user, Extreme Networks switches expect a RADIUS server to transmit the Service-Type attribute in the Access-Accept packet, after successfully authenticating the user. Extreme Networks switches grant a RADIUS-authenticated user read-write privilege if a Service-Type value of 6 is transmitted as part of the Access-Accept message from the RADIUS server. Other Service- Type values or no value, result in the switch granting read-only access to the user. Different implementations of RADIUS handle attribute transmission differently. You should consult the documentation for your specific implementation of RADIUS when you configure users for read-write access.
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here's an example for Freeradius, in the users file:

###### Freeradius CLI Authorization Example ######
admin Cleartext-Password := “admin”
Service-Type = Administrative-User,
Extreme-CLI-Authorization = Enabled

test Cleartext-Password := “test”
Service-Type = 0,
Extreme-CLI-Authorization = Enabled

user admin has read-write privilege, user test has read-only.