Switchs B and A series default trap

Hi, a question about switch B and A series: when trap generation is enabled in the switch, how can i know the list of trap generated by default ? I cannot find this list in the manuals.

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I do not have a list, but if you run "show config all" then you will get all your switch settings (including defaults). Then you can search in the text for "trap". You will see what traps are enabled and what traps are disabled in your config.

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Lets start by stating You cannot get traps if nothing is set (show config logging) or show conf logging (TRAPS OR INFORMS) We suggest opening a case with GTAC and we can guide you through the steps
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The second show config should have been snmp so you could verify if informs or traps are set.
Hi Jason, thanks for your reply..
I have already configured the switch to send trap and i can see in Netsight the trap come from the switch when ,for example, i plug-unplug a link or a ethernet port. But my question is another: What are trap generated "by default" and what no? How can i know if, for example, trap for a "fan failure" or "topology change" is generated by the switch if the event occour?
This will depend on the logging levels set such as
set logging default severity1-8
Server default severity level 1=emergency to 8=debug

set logging applications (Mnemonic)) level X(6 is the default)
To get a list of the commands (sh logging application <>)