tNetTask & CPU Load

Hi, I have a problem with a Enterasys G3 and CPU load: through MRTG monitoring tool I known that the CPU goes to 98% for a few minutes and then stabilize at around 15-20%. Sometimes this peak causes a reboot of the device. During the peak load, tNetTask process goes to 90% and more.

My G3 have firmware and only four FC ports used.

What process is this?

Has anyone encountered the same problem?

Thanks a lot


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Ip Stack information

I would investigate by using a sniffer.
It could be tied down to SNMP of the box, MIB walks or even traffic hitting the host that could cause slowness.
Capture of traffic would be best
Thanks Jason, i'm going to monitor the device in order to understand if the issue is systematic...this could help me for a sniffer know which kind of traffic could generate the issue?
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You could start by looking at SNMP traffic but it could be flooding traffic. good luck