Traceroute Not going to next Hop

I have an extreme switch connected to a cisco router. I have added the following route towards it:-

While tracerouting from the defined subnet, it is not going to the next-hop. Can anyone please help?

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I'm not sure to understand. Did you mean you traceroute _to_ that network (/28), or _from_ that network?
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Does ping work of u have problems only With trace route ? Check if ipf is enabled Capture icmp and see what's the ttl value switch is sending If config is right u might be hitting a known issue with snmp

@Grosjean:- I meant traceroute to that network.

@Parthiban:- IPF is enabled.....Pls help what is the known issue with snmp?
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Ayan where are you doing the traceroute from? the switch or a PC connected to the switch?

If from a PC does the traceroute stop at the Extreme switch? If from the Extreme switch can you do a trace route out to a different subnet on the other side of the Cisco router?

From the switch can you ping the cisco router that is directly connected? Remember to add your VR option in the ping so ping vr vr-d

Also can you do a show IPR and show VLAN and paste the output?