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Trunking port

  • 17 April 2014
  • 4 replies

How do I create a trunk port on a extreme switch (X440)?
The goal is to allow a PC to connect to the native vlan via a Cisco IP Phone while all VoIP traffic connects to the voice vlan. It is my experience that the IP phone and switch port needs to be set to trunking or auto negotiate trunking in order to separate the traffic and achieve separation of data from voice.

I have all of my experience in Cisco IOS, and familiar with this syntax.

Assign port to vlan
hostname(config)# switch port access vlan [tag name]

create trunk port
hostname(config)# switchport mode trunk

4 replies

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Hello Theo

The way we create "trunk ports" is simply by adding the ports to the VLANs as tagged ports.

For example if we have two VLANs data and Voice that need to be on the same port we would do the following

Create vlan data
create vlan voice
config voice tag 100
config data add port 1
config voice add port 1 tagged

If we had more VLANs we would just continue to add the port as a tagged port to each VLAN.

Hope that helps

How would I roll back this change if needed?

switch# configure "vlan-name" [delete] ports [1:1] tagged

I appreciate the feedback, and I look forward to using the LegacyCLI so that I can become more proficient with the XOS.

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Hey Theo

Yes that is it. Definitely use the legacy CLI it is not perfect but the training mode will help you understand the XOS CLI much better.

Please continue to ask questions as I am sure there are others who have the same thoughts.

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EXOS CLI is easy compare to any other vendor. 99% of the commands start with enable, configure, disable etc.