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I have a 460 with a core licence, that i plan to reset to factory settings and re-configure does the command: unconfigure switch remove the licencing

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If you want to reset the whole switch to factory defaults, log on and use the command:

unconfig switch all

However, you'll obviously need a console cable connected to re-configure it, as any IP addresses on there will be wiped (including the Mgmt interface).
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Hello Christopher no the unconfigure switch all just removes the configuration. The license is added to the bootrom and will stay with the switch

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Don't remove
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Christopher, unconfigure switch all will not remove the license. It is stored in the eeprom chip and has to be cleared using another command. However the command should be used in conjunction with an extreme networks representative. If you wish to continue see the info, beginning on page 152 at this link http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/exos_commands/downloads/EXOS_Command_Reference_15_7.pdf