Unknown errors on summit switch stack


It might be not an error,Since i am new to extreme devices, not sure. i need to answer to my customer questions.
I have seen some sort of logs in my summit X460-48t switch.Can anyone tell me wat it is all about..?

Slot-1: Setting hwclock time to system time, and broadcasting time
Slot-1: Unable to set card r.

Slot-1: Previous message repeated 44 additional times in the last 1736 second(s)

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Contact the Extreme TAC, Maybe you need to upgrade EEPROM.
I couldnt open a TAC for this case......because of some reasons..Can you help me out to get a good solution for this sumit...?
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Does the switch running in EXOS12.5 ? If yes, then call the Extreme TAC. Ask them to provide new EEPROM file for X460 switch along with steps to upgrade eeprom. Get their assistance to upgrade the EEPROM, becuase it requires debug password which can generate only by TAC engineer.This may resolve your issue. It's related to odometer issue as well.
Thanks for your time Sumit....I will check your suggestions......