upgrading system image of all the node within stack

we have several stacking on the network with 15.2 version, we are planning to swap-out some of them and at the same time update the version. what is the usual practice to do this?

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Hello Dastan You could either upgrade the stack and the new nodes and then add the new nodes or add the new nodes to the stack and upgrade all of them at the same time. You can't mixe code versions within a stack. Make sure that the new version of code is in the same image container on all of the switches. I.e. All on primary or all on secondary. Let me know if I didn't answer your question
in the scenario that I'm logon to the master, when I upgrade its image does the rest of the node will be upgraded also? can you share what command should I execute? what I know only is the per node image upgrade "download image vr vr-default "

here is my scenario, I have several stacking with 15.2 image version, and some node in a stack needs to be replaced and some will stay. thus, I'm planning to upgrade the stack images to 15.3.2 (as this was the images of the newly delivered switches) before performing the node replacement. just making sure that I will be doing it right!

thanks in advance...
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Good morning Dastan. Yes when you download the image to the stack it will update all of the switches in the stack. The command you listed is the command you need to upgrade the switch just do it to the master. After the switch downloads the code it will ask you to load it say yes that sets the new image container to be the next one used on a reboot. You then need to reboot the switch for it to be active. You can use the reboot command to reboot right away or build out that command to reboot at a particular time. Hope that helps. P
got it! meaning the whole stack should be reboot for the new code be applied on the set partition? my unit is X440. no way to upgrade without interrupting the traffic. right?

thanks a lot sir! big help really!
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Hi Dastan,

That's correct. The whole stack must be rebooted for it to use the new version of code.
thank you!:)