What is the configuration in X460 to Configure LACP Agreggator with vmware?

Dear Friends

Im configure a vmware host 4.1 with two ports agreggator in vmware.
(Please see Picture in the end of post)

The ports have speed of 1 gb full duplex

what is the proper configuration for the link to work properly with 2 gb speed


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Hello Almir

In order to set a 2 port LAG connection in XOS you use the share command. So if the two ports you are connecting into are ports 1 & 2 the command is enable sharing 1 grouping 1-2 algorithm address l3_l4

I did not see if you were using LACP on the server side but if you are you can add LACP at the end of the command. As you type through the command you can use the key or the ? to see the next part of the completion so for example you can do enable sharing and see that it wants the port number

I hope that helps