x440 trial license and EAPS Multi-Ring functionality

Hello extreme guys
Is there a command to activate a trial license on a X440 Switch (Sw-Version 15.4.x)? In older versions there was a command, but when I try this on the X440 it doesn't function.

Another question is it on a X440 available to create a multi-ring EAPS with advance edge license? (core isn't available on X440..)

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Isn't "debug epm enable trial-license" command working on EXOS 15.4? What error messages it is giving?

multiple physical rings is supported on X440 but not the common link.
I've found that you used to be able to type "debug epm enable trial" but now with XOS the complete command "debug epm enable trial-license" is necessary. The same goes for "debug epm clear trial-license".
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Yes, since 15.3.2 you have to type debug commands entirely.