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Connectivity Issues between Gaming Laptop and SecureStack PoE Switch

Connectivity Issues between Gaming Laptop and SecureStack PoE Switch

New Contributor

Dear Community Members,

I am currently facing connectivity issues with my gaming laptop [], which connects to a SecureStack PoE switch. The laptop is unable to establish a stable and consistent connection with the switch, causing frequent disruptions in my gaming sessions.

I have already tried various troubleshooting steps, including resetting the switch, updating the laptop's network drivers, and changing the Ethernet cable. However, the problem persists, and I am not able to identify the root cause of the issue.

I suspect that the problem could be related to the switch's configuration, as I have observed that the connection drops occur more frequently when multiple devices are connected to the switch simultaneously. Therefore, I would like to request the community's assistance in identifying any possible configuration issues that may be causing the connectivity problems.

Additionally, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to diagnose the issue further and any possible solutions to resolve the problem. I have attached the laptop's system information and switch configuration details for reference.

Thank you in advance for your support and expertise in this matter.

Best regards,



Extreme Employee

I am unfamiliar with the legacy Entarasys products. But a switch is a switch.  ERS, EXOS, VOSS.  etc etc.

step 1 - Lets rule out the configuration.

If you have factory defaulted the switch, all ports are in VLAN 1 and open. Great.  Lets default the switch again.

With a default config, put two devices only on the switch and start a constant ping between them.  Don't bother putting an mgmt IP on the switch for now.  Then Watch for dropped packets.   With a defaulted switch with no configuration overhead you shouldn't see any dropped packets.  Then start introducing other devices slowly.  Perhaps give the switch a mgmt ip.

The key thing is you want to see when and where the network starts to see the dropped packets.   One faulty NIC can crash a network.

If that works then its not an issue with the hardware. 

Try that first. Let us know




New Contributor

Have you fixed the problem yet? What is the solution? I'm having the same problem as you


Seeing that the more devices connected to the switch the worse the issues, the first thing I´d check if that the upstream trunk isn't getting congested and drops packets.