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Yes, the same error for me also..
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Please send me an email with you email address that you have used to access the system. We had had several students using Chrome, so I am not too sure what the problem is.

Thanks, Suzanne

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There's no free courses...
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Please look again, all the Introduction Courses are free and available if you an Extreme Portal account.

Here the link to create an account. https://extremeportal.force.com/ExtrAccountRegistration

Hello Suzanne, thank you for you information but I still cannot enroll in a single course. Also this link: https://extranet.extremenetworks.com/MySupport/MyTraining/_layouts/apps/training/exampurchase.aspx redirects me to (after login): https://extremeportal.force.com/.
Do you any ideas where could be a problem?

Hello, I've the same problem.