Free Training/Self-Paced Training 2019 Update

  • 18 July 2019
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Just wanted to provide information on status of their Training Section to prevent confusion for people who are new.

New training site is at

First, there is no self-paced training provided anymore for eLearning. Training for certification is strictly instructor based (currently seems to lack training in United States as of 7/18/19 for EXOS Fundamentals, as it is mostly based in Europe).

Second, there are courses that have free videos, but only for 3 courses at the moment. To access these, go to the Certifications tab. That will bring up the courses available. If you click on ECS-Campus Fabric, ECS-Extreme Management Center, or ECS-Extreme Control it will bring you to that course overview page. At the bottom you will see the option to access the free videos. Click View and you can take the free course, which doesn't provide certification, to my knowledge.

*Note: You will only see Register on the other courses available that were not mentioned above.

Finally, I will also provide the direct links below. I hope this helps anyone interested in learning more so they don't have to spend as much time as I did looking for this information.

Campus Fabric:
Extreme Management Center:
Extreme Control:

1 reply

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Great first post, Nathan! Thank you for sharing.
I've converted it to an article and stickied it to the top of the forum.