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Can't access the server published through Sonicwall...

  • 30 October 2017
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We are having two ISP in our campus. Both the links are mounted in our core switch X8. We have created two separate vlan for these two ISP namely ISP1 & ISP2. We accessing Internet through our Sonicwall. Most of our Servers are accessed through our sonicwall using NAT. All the servers are accessed from Public without any issues. But, not able to access these servers through our ISP public IPs. If we try to access our Server ISP1 IP from our ISP2 IP we are not able to reach our NAT server. The same scenario happen from ISP1 to ISP2. But, we can these servers, if this was published directly (Public IP address given in Server) means without NAT in Sonicwall. Please share the steps to fix this issue.

1 reply

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Are you able to post details of the two vlans here, removing any private information "show vlan "pubvlan1 info detail"?