Communication between two virtual switches

  • 9 July 2015
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I have studied about configuration of ExtremeXOS with the simulator GNS3.
I configured a small network with two switches and three computers, in two vlans:

The "Win7" and "LinuxTinyCore" PCs communicate with each other, but the "LinuxCore" isn't communicating with the other PCs. And the switches don't ping one each other.

Follow the sh conf bellow:



Can you help me?


3 replies

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Add the following.

enable ipf vlan TI ----> ExtremeXOS

enable ipf vlan ADM ----> ExtremeOSX2
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Only one of the 2 switches need to route between both vlans, not both. Enable ipforwarding on both vlans on ExtremeXOS. IP addresses are only needed on the switch that does routing, on the other you only need 1 IP for telnet management access .
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Do you see anything when you type
show edp ports all[/code]?

If not, there's a problem with the connection between both switches.

Your configuration would not work in Virtualbox if you chose the Intel adapters, for example, because those adapters strip the vlan id information before transmitting it. You would have to use PCnet-FAST III adapters to make it work, because those adapters don't mess with vlan tagging. See

Maybe there's a similar problem with your setup...