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  • 16 September 2015
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Extreme ENA certification have taken two years, the period of validity until October of this year, I sent several e-mail and had no response from the extreme relating to the renewal process. Perhaps this is not the ideal place, most like to help friends, to try to understand what next step we can take to renew my certification. I'm considering getting a new certificate, perhaps ENS, accept certification indications.

My current performance and security of wireless networks sector.

5 replies

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Dear Gilson,

The ENA certification has been replaced with the ExtremeXOS Fundamentals Certification. To re-certify for this certification you can either take the class or purchase the Exam Code from your Distributor. If you would like to pursue a higher certification, you may take the ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing class or Exam. The ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing is one of the Classes that is a stepping stone to the Extreme Certification Expert in Networking Certification or ECE-Networking. As a customer to achieve the ECE-Networking you will need to the Extreme Switching and Routing class (EXOS and EOS), Wireless and NetSight Boot Camp classes or exams.

We regular schedule these classes globally. If you check out our Education page you will find our Classes schedule. http://www.extremenetworks.com/education

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It is necessary to update my ENA Certification for ExtremeXOS Fundamentals? Or you can do the next certification list? I would make regarding security.
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The ExtremeXOS Fundamentals is equivalent to the ENA Certification, it is considered as an Associate Certification. If you wanted to obtain a Specialist Certification, such as ExtremeXOS Switching and Routing, you do NOT need to obtain the ExtremeXOS Fundamentals certification first.
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Please contact your local Extreme Networks representative for pricing of Classes or Exams, If you need to identify a re-seller use the following URL: