Extreme networks entry level certifications (ECNA)

  • 27 December 2016
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Hi All,
I have a friend who needs to take the entry level of certifications which related to Extreme networks, I helped him and found certification called "ECNA"
I need to know if this course needs money payment or not and if no need to pay money so please advise how to download course material and exam link please

Thanks in advance

4 replies

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Hi the course is not free, you'd take the exam without the training but that is also not free of charge.

I'd say the chances of passing the test without the course are 0 in case you are not already an expert on the topic and work with the prooduct every day.
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Like Ronald said, course and exam are not free but you can find e-learning modules for XOS and EOS fundamentals which is free and open to extreme partners.


Hope this can help you a little.
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Yes i do agree with Roy here. But it would be better if you can refer to the below HUB conversion which was taken place a year back:

"Updates to the Extreme Networks Certification program and Website" Hub conversation

If need more details then please refer the above conversation thread.

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Hope the above post by us helps you to find the answers you were looking for. Hence we can close this Hub conversation for now.

Wish you Happy new year 2017 in advance..........