Extreme now has proctored exams

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3 weeks with no feedback...
We always listen.
The next step after listening would be answering.
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Probably listening to the radio ???
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2 Months without any feedback to the other issues.

@Rohan - that is what I call rude.
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An now the wonderful app used for the books has started crashing on my computer. I can't read up on the material to study for my test. I've uninstalled and reinstalled application with same results. Have to love progress....
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Question... how do I actually get access to the eBooks? I bought the eLearning course - just Brainshark video sessions, no eBooks or similar. A colleague bought just the exam, same, no eBooks. What am I missing??
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As a customer, I'm wondering how the Partners are handling the removal of the higher level certifications such as ECE and ECA? I received notification that my ECE is up for re-certification only to discover there is no longer an ECE or ECA offering.

I reached out to the training team for clarification and direction and was informed "The ECE doesn't exist anymore so these are individual certifications that have broken away from it" and "you can take these [ECS exams] individually". The issue is these multiple ECS certifications that were 'broken away from ECE' were always required to obtain ECE. Students then had the option of enrolling in additional courses to either re-certify ECE, obtain an additional ECE certification such as ECE-Security or ECE-Networking depending on the track, or to be eligible to test for ECA once both ECE were obtained and the lab completed in Salem, NH.

The official response from Extreme is to re-take all the lower level exams instead of taking one Expert level exam to re-certify at the current level or continuing up the certification pathway advancing to another certification level. This is a direct conflict with how certification levels work and an insult to those who already achieved the higher level certifications to be informed they don't even exist anymore. I was informed my thoughts were passed on and someone will be in touch in a few days to explain what's next for Extreme and the courses that are in development.

Many students in the courses taken with Extreme, when asked by the Instructor why they were taking the courses, replied it was required by their employer to maintain Expert level certification. Curious what the community feedback is now that there is no ECE or ECA and to see if anyone else is facing similar challenges.
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Disappointment & frustration are the two words that come to mind if you ask me about Extreme training & certification.

For me it looks like that the training dept just gave up as they don't even bother to answer question/requests (see posts above).

Good luck for the re-cert... if that is even possible....
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Hi Steve,

ECE is gone for a year, and somebody should pass that information. Those three separate ECS exams should be available for you, I'm not sure but probably there is some promo for former-ECE for that.

I also regret that there's nothing above ECS, my personal goal was to achieve ECA to feel good that I know at least something about the technology, but suddenly... poof, gone. I'm good with that, though, it's nothing to be compared with certificate ladder like at some other big vendors where you spend weeks to study the material and learn by heart what's going on inside packet headers. But I hope that growing recognition of Extreme will make Extreme certificates more valuable on the market, and certification levels could help with that, but it seems like there might be some different strategy right now.
ECSs are somewhat a good starting point to learn the technology (they could be modified, as always, but I appreciate huge free-time buffer to enhance the lab scenarios), free-of-charge EDS might also be useful (knowledge transfer and design guide for Access Control!), but today there is a big accent put on those partner specializations (ECS+EDS+ESS) so when a reseller gets couple of those, it gets 'Master' specialization for some portfolio area (three Master specializations are there). It's much about rebates and if I'm not wrong, getting all those certs (separate or combined as Master) gives significant advantage over competition, of course if you do a lot of sales (consider certifications as an investment that has to return).
But if you are a customer... You don't need Master for anything, so it's a really short time of a gameplay.
I'm not the sales guy so I don't see that business and profit margin perspective of resellers, I agree that for any engineer it is better to have better motivation (gamification!) to develop your skills and knowledge, and it could be something more than just a single 4-day class.
There is some Extreme Dojo program going on but I didn't went into details yet.

Regarding training team of Extreme here, I just see Rohan, maybe it's nobody else here so if you wish to give more feedback, I believe learn@extremenetworks.com might be a way better option.

Kind regards,
Hello Tomasz,

Agreed it appears Extreme has changed their programs for Partners to the new Dojo Program and may very well be in the process of redesigning the customer training offerings as well. Unfortunately for non-partners they dismantled the existing design without a new design to replace it with so we are left empty handed.

My employer provided professional development and funded me to attend each of the ECS courses to obtain ECE which we now realized has been discontinued. If we were aware of the volatility of the Extreme training/certification program I'm sure my employer would have invested my time and their finances elsewhere. While I am aware there are networking certifications that have greater recognition and appeal there is still benefit to having Extreme certifications - especially when the equipment in the environment is Extreme.

We were unaware the training was moved from US to UK and that the higher level certifications were eliminated. This was recently discovered when I reached out to our sales rep who informed me to register for re-cert online and that payment can be made directly on the portal instead of having to purchase the credits after enrollment like we had done in previous years.

Unfortunately that is when we discovered ECE and ECA weren't on the portal and were no longer available. I reached out to Diane Noyes and the generic learn@extremenetworks.com e-mail address only to discover Diane is no longer employed by Extreme. I did hear back from the learn team and the quoted responses I provided above were from that team essentially instructing me to simply take the ECS exams over again if I want but ECE and ECA are no longer available.

I believe Rohan is the Director of Training at Extreme and in a position to answer the questions posted in this thread as well as consider the feedback discussed. He has has already received my feedback and I was informed he would be in touch within a few days - unfortunately that was almost two weeks ago so I decided to post here.

These changes came as a surprise to me and the lack of information is concerning. I figured since Partners have positioning they may have information from conferences and communications we do not and could share any additional information they had.
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Hi, I’ve not been able to get back to this thread for a while, so I wanted to give a summary of what we’re doing to address some of the topics raised here….

  • Printed Course Materials – based on customer feedback we will enable students to either view course materials on line, print them to paper or save/print to their devices as PDF. Whichever is their preference. This will be in place for courses running from January.
  • Architect/Expert Certs – Following the completion of acquisitions earlier this year we conducted a full review of all training courses and concluded that all content needed updating or creating as new. We’ve been focused on the base layer of technical training development first, for all our expanded portfolio including new video-based content to compliment the classroom courses. New classroom courses for Campus Fabric, Advance Fabric and Data Center have been added to the training schedule in the second half of this year. We’ll release the first video-based course before the festive holidays. Whilst this work is in progress we’re also planning the next wave of content development which includes additional training for Advance Deployments, Configuration and Troubleshooting. As part of this, we plan to announce an updated Certification program in May 2019 at the ExtremeConnect event in Nashville. Check out the event at https://extremeconnect.co/ it will be great learning and networking experience.
  • Pricing – We’ve reviewed feedback about pricing and we will announce changes at the end of January 2019.
  • Proctored Exams – As previously mentioned we removed the external exam proctoring process based on feedback given here and from other customer and partners.

We’re busy modernizing our training model to support the new Extreme with investment in new content, training labs and systems. We hope you will see the fruits of the work we've been doing recently as we go through 2019.

I’ll keep coming back here when we have updates to share. Kind Regards, Rohan