Extreme Training and Certification to maintain ECE status

  • 18 June 2015
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I am currently a certified ENA and ENS, and have completed the Netsight and Wireless specialist certifications this year. I need to maintain my ECE level of certification, and would appreciate some guidance as to which classes and exams I need to complete prior to my ENS expiration at the end of this year.

I was told I needed an ExtremeEOS cert to keep my certification level, however I do not see that being an option on the training page. I do see the Switching and Routing (EXOS and EOS), the EXOS switch and route class, and the boot camp for EXOS. Will I need to take the two classes/exams, or will one of the single exams maintain my expert level of certification?

Is there a re-certification path for the ENS, or has that been retired?

I have been seeking an answer to this question for over a month. I have sent emails to education@extremenetworks.com and directly to Extreme personnel with no response. Time is an issue, please support those who are supporting you.

Any information or help would be appreciated, thanks!

4 replies

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This post below includes some information.... in short the webpage will be updated in "the next several weeks" and no information about recertification available.

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Hi Sean,

It was not our intention to ignore your emails, seems that our Anti-Virus system had blocked your emails. As a partner with an existing ENS Certification, you can either complete the Wired TechCross - XOS to EOS online training and exam or attend the ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing Class, in addition to the Wireless and NetSight Boot Camp. The link below from the Partner Portal provides the direct link to the Wired TechCross - XOS to EOS online training.


We are in the process of adding the ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing class to our August schedule to meet the needs of Partners that want to have a live Instructor Led class on ExtremeEOS switching products.

For new Partners to Extreme, we suggest that you attend the Switching and Routing Boot Camp (EXOS and EOS), Wireless and NetSight Boot Camp classes.

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Thank you for your responses! One additional question - I deal exclusively with EXOS. Does maintaining my ECE require me to cross train and certify in EOS, as it appears from the replies? I have no interest in picking up EOS and hope that is not the case.

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The Extreme portfolio includes both EXOS and EOS switches therefore it is required to understand the features of both switches in order to achieve the Extreme Networks Expert in Networking certification.