Virtual XOS and policies

  • 18 January 2016
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i play around with virtual XOS (V16.2.14) based on virtual box.

is it possible to make it policy-cable ?

I want to integrate it in the Netsight policy manager - but the vXOS seems to be not policy ready!

[/code]Summit-PC.1 # enable policy
Warning: Enabling Policy will cause some Netlogin settings (such as VLANs and dynamically created VLANs) to be cleared.
ERROR: Hardware resources were not reserved for Policy.
Summit-PC.2 #[/code]

4 replies

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Hi, no it is not supported on the VM at the moment.
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Hi all.

I am interested as well to use policies with vEXOS devices for lab, evaluation or presales purpose.

Are there any plans to support this in a future release?

best regards

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i agree to aloeffle !
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I agree too...will be very useful to have all the features enabled on the vEXOS (not only policy support, but also the opneflow support....)