Which fundamentals training to take, EOS or XOS?

  • 15 July 2016
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I'm a CCNA starting a new job with Extreme Networks devices, we have numerous B5, E1 and an S4 devices. We also have a TON of wireless AP's. I have zero experience with the Extreme and Enterasys devices.

Initially, I am planning to take training and ultimately take the EMC training which was suggested.

In order to prepare for Extreme Management Center bootcamp I'd like to take one of the two fundamental courses offered. I'd like to actually take the NAC training as well but that might be later on.

The primary issue is I don't know which I should choose for the hardware we have.

Can someone give me a general guide as to how to determine which OS we are using and then of course which course to take.

Based on the descriptions and the recommended next courses I'm thinking I need to take the EOS but wanted to get some opinions before choosing.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated thanks!

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The router config on an S4 is almost 100% identical to Cisco. The B5's are super easy to setup and the syntax is similar to cat os EX set port vlan ge.1.1 2 modify-egress

I would look at the EOS XOS Switching and Routing Bootcamp. Also, take the NMS class to learn about Netsight and all of the Extreme Management tools.
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Hi Stephen,

Based on the Switches that you have listed. I would suggest the ExtremeEOS Fundamentals class. This 3 Day class provide you a place to start learning the OS on the S-Series Switches and the C-Series, B-Series Stackable switches. If you want to learn more about the ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing features, there is also a ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing class (4 days).

Here are a few links:

http://www.extremenetworks.com/education/ ( Course Location & Registration, Course Descriptions and Certification information)


(This is the direct link for the ExtremeEOS Fundamentals class)


(This is the direct link for the ExtremeEOS Switching and Routing class)

If you have an questions on registration and cost please send an email to education@extremenetworks.com.

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Welcome to Extreme Stephen. We're glad you're crossing in to the purple!

To build upon what Suzanne provided, here are a few resources that will help you come up to speed on ExtremeSwitching and ExtremeWireless:
And of course the Hub, which you've already found. The Community can certainly help you along the way....as evidenced in this thread.

Best of luck at the new job!
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I've registered for the 4 day bootcamp next week so we will see how well that goes. Thanks for all the suggestions and links.