WiNG is Now Available

  • 21 April 2021
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WiNG has been released!

You can find the release notes here:


The downloadable files can be found on the Extreme Networks portal under Products: 

5 replies

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Hello Sam,

what happened to Wing as it is completely removed ?  Is there some mayor bug that I have to update all already installed In the relase notes I found just this diference:

CFD-6295 WING: release contains ONLY LEAN images for APs on portal



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Hi Martin,


I can only refer to the last part, LEAN AP image means the AP has no GUI in that image (web access attempts will result with 404 error - but it’s the same as if you upgraded the APs from the controller’s built-in images - they are also LEAN AP images).


Hope that helps,


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Thank you for your patience here, was removed but unless you are using AP 302Ws, you shouldn’t have an issue using that version. If you are using AP 302Ws, I’d recommend changing to a different version ASAP. 

Hi Sam,

I can't see the link to the release notes.



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Thank you for letting me know @Gary Hartstone, the link should be working now. My apologies for the mix up there!