Aerohive HiveManager Flash EOL

  • 25 January 2021
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Flash has now become EOL since start of the year.  I notice that some parts of HiveManager contains Flash.  When do we expect to have a resolution to this? As currently we are using mms.cfg config workaround to be able to view the parts of Hivemanager that contains Flash.

This has been previously asked here:


5 replies

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Hi Chris, I can look in to this for you, but it would help to know what pages in the HiveManager you are referring to specifically? 

There are 2 pages that I have discovered so far (have redacted the id’s in the url’s) which are part of the monitor section of Hivemanager:

These are:

Monitor > Devices > (Access Point Device Name) > Device Monitoring
System at a Glance

Monitor > Clients > (Client MAC Address) > Client Monitor
Statistics Details

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Thank you for those pages, I was able to confirm that we are working on a fix for those pages but I wasn’t able to get an ETA for those fixes. I’ll keep an eye out for more news on this, please feel free to check in with me here any time and I’ll update you on where we stand with this. 

@Sam Pirok Has there been any ETAupdate to this yet?

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Hi Chris, thanks for your patience, I spoke with the team that’s working on this and unfortunately we don’t have an ETA yet, but they are still working on this. Please feel free to check in with me any time and I’ll check back in with the team to see where we are at with this project.