AP not connecting when moved to second controller

  • 16 October 2013
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Hi, I have 2 or 3 working APs that I deleted from one wireless controller and tried to setup on our other controller. The second controller seems to be having some trouble with them. I can see connection attempts but controller isn't setting them up, I see a lot of messages like this one in the logs: Component: RU Session Manager Log Message: Wireless AP registration and/or authentication failed. (AP SN 11330364235P0000 AP IP (active tunnel)) Can anyone suggest what might be happening, other APs I've moved over on the same connection are working fine. Thanks.

4 replies

Oh, I just found these on the AP also: 10/15/13 11:45:08 Critical 330 sec in cycle 3: AccessPoint Rebooting due to: AP discovery timeout AFTER 300 SECONDS
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Hi Colin, I have someone from our wireless group jumping in, but if anyone else has any suggestions, please share!
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Hello Colin, We use two different UDP ports for the AP connection, UDP 13907 and UDP 13910. Could those ports be blocked at all? If you do not have anything in place that would block those ports, I would suggest calling the GTAC so we can help you pull logs and capture tracing to determine the root cause. We can be reached at 800-872-8440. Regards, Doug Hyde Escalation Support Engineer Enterasys Networks Office: 603.952.5625 Toll Free: 800.872.8440 Email: dhyde@enterasys.com Twitter ID: DHyde_17
A few things to consider. Sometimes the simplest things trip me up. Is the subnet mask set correctly on the wireless controllers and APs? Check you NTP settings on the controller. If your network time isn't perfectly aligned on both controllers, you can see a lot of issues. Sometimes I'll just put pool.ntp.org on the primary availability pair then check the NTP Server box and point the secondary controller to the primary for NTP. You can also SSH into the AP and do a simple ping test to make sure it can reach both controllers.