AP4102C Vendor Class Identifier

  • 3 September 2014
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I have access point AP4102C in branch office, I tryin to setup DHCP (43 option) to discover my Wireless Controler C20 wich is localized in other office. I need Vendor Class Identifier for AP4102C model.

2 replies

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Just in case this comes up again on a different ap model....

Model Vendor Class Identifier
AP2605 HiPath AP2605
AP2610 HiPath AP2610
AP2620 HiPath AP2620
AP2630 HiPath AP2630
AP2640 HiPath AP2640
AP2650 HiPath AP2650
AP2660 HiPath AP2660
AP3605 HiPath AP3605
AP3610 HiPath AP3610
AP3620 HiPath AP3620
AP3660 HiPath AP3660
AP4102 HiPath AP4102
AP3705i HiPath AP3705
AP3710i HiPath AP3710
AP3710e HiPath AP3710
AP3715i HiPath AP3715
AP3715e HiPath AP3715
AP3765i HiPath AP3765
AP3765e HiPath AP3765
AP3767e HiPath AP3767
AP3825i HiPath AP3825
AP3825e HiPath AP3825

Found in the IdentiFi™ Wireless
Getting Started Guide

Works, thanks 🙂 !