Can both radios on AP-7562 be configured as 2.4GHz?

  • 8 January 2020
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I have been investigating datasheet & technical guides on extreme webpages to see black & white confirmation if both radios on AP-7562 (external) can be support 2.4GHz at the same time, instead of 1 radio on 2.4GHz & other radio on 5GHz.

As a comparison, AP-8163 do explicitly mentioned 2 of 3 radios can be configured both on 2.4GHZ or 5GHz.

I have been in contact with a particular distibutor/reseller/systemintegrator, but thus far have no convincing answers. In case you’re wondering why I didnt use AP-8163, its because AP-8163 is not legal for the country I’m planning to use, but AP-7562 is OK.


Please advise.



6 replies

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The 7562 does NOT support having both radios configured for 2.4GHz.

As far as I know, neither does the 8163 (Also does NOT support dual 5GHz).  I’ve never heard of ANY of the WING APs supporting dual-2.4 configurations.  In fact, I’ve never heard of ANY other vendor supporting this operation.

Hi Chris,

We have AP-8163 with both radios on 2.4GHz on different non-overlapping channel  in  underground mines with rocky tunnels, miles long with various angles & elevations . As for the antennas, either Poynting Heli-3, Heli-4 or Heli-8 were used on the radio. As with this AP, each radio allows up to 3 antennas.

An an example; for each AP, radio#1 [2.4GHz channel#1] is connected to 2 x Heli-3 antennas, pointing to left tunnel, and radio#2 [2.4GHz channel#6] with 2 x Heli-4 antennas to the right tunnel. These antennas are high gain (~17dBi) directional circular polarised antennas. Signals from each radio therefore never propagate in the same direction.


This is the reason I’m looking for AP-7562 if it can do what AP-8163 does on its radios.


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Quick follow up on the dual 2.4GHz operation - Found out that apparently the software WILL allow you to setup the 8163 this way (only possible because both radios are band-unlocked).  First time I’m hearing of this!  Highly unusual and never would have guessed this was possible (so never tried).

As mentioned earlier, the 7562 does not have the band-unlocked radios, and therefore will NOT provide this dual 2.4GHz capability like the 8163.   


You say that you have 8163’s operating this way right now in mines...but then you also said that the 8163 is not allowed in your country.  Were the 8163’s previously allowed and not are not?

Hi Chris,


Really appreciate your follow up. AP-8163 is currently in operation in Spain, while the new mine I’m looking to deploy is in Peru. Apprently local vendor told me AP-8163 is not allowed in Peru, but AP7562 (as well as AP7662) are OK. Plus in Peru the location would be between 2000 - 4000 meters above sea level.

Do you know any other outdoor AP that have 2 radios (or more) with band-unlocked feature, for Peru. It  must also be rugged as AP-8163 as will be installed near heavy machinery & explosives.





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Would a dual 5GHz AP be a workable solution? (instead of dual 2.4GHz)

If so, we do have a new outdoor APs that supports dual 5GHz operation (AP460e and AP360e very soon)


(AP7562 does not support dual 5GHz)


Hi Chris,

5GHz wouldn’t be much fit in those tunnels as we need as much range as possible that 2.4GHz offers. If you can also help to to re-validate if AP8163 [AP-8163-66S40-1-WR] is not allowed to use in Peru at 3000++ meters above see level.


The other thing I’m also looking is PROFINET compatibility with Extreme wifi APs. Can you find a document to confirm this in black & white. We’re not using PROFINET for Spanish mine but in Peru we need PROFINET over wifi.