Clarifying Mesh support for current AP models

  • 6 April 2021
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I need exact data which AP model supports Mesh technologies. I know WING series has MeshConnex, CloudIQ ( aerohive) series has mesh. CloudIQ’s mesh focus backhaul. But Wing’s MeshConnex is real mesh solution.
Please give more details and which model supports.


2 replies

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Hello, that is a great question for your local service engineer (SE), I’d recommend reaching out to them for this question. If you’re unsure who to reach out to for your SE, please let me know generally where you are located and I will find you a local contact to speak with. 

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Hello Aytan,


Since WiNG AP models AP310, AP360, AP510i/e and AP560i/h (and older ones that are supported) support MCX. Not sure about 4xx series right now though but if 3xx already supports then 4xx should support it too.

What models are you thinking about? What do you expect from a mesh solution?

Indeed, what Sam says, having a chat with some SE would be the best to guide to for making a well-suited choice.

If it’s more about configuration part, let us know.


Hope that helps,