Component [Location Engine] is down. Component will be restarted.

  • 8 April 2014
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my V2110 controller generates "[Location Engine] is down" events.
Any idea what could force that, the location engine service is disabled and I've never run into such issue before.....

The customer also has Netsight/NAC - could Netsight send requests to the controller that generate this traps ?


2 replies

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Hello Ron,

I've seen this problem a couple times in the past, and each time was due to a problem with the size of the floor plan/map.
You want to check the scale of the map, because it is probably less than 1m.

What engineering told me:
Its width and height are both less than 1m (This is most likely a problem
with the scale they set in OneView):

Since the smallest possible map is 1m x 1m (a single cell) this results in
a map with no cells.

If you go in and edit that floor, and set the scale, it should resolve the

In both cases, I believe there was one specific floor that was the problem, but it could be multiple floors that are not set.

Let us know if that helps, if not we can look further.

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Hey Jason,

thanks a lot that was exactly the problem - after changing the scale from inch to meter the controller stopped to send traps.