Configuring Enterasys Wireless with 802.1x with multiple user access tier

  • 2 November 2014
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Hi guys,. I'm trying to configure the acces to one of my wireless network with 802.1x (windows 2k8 + NPS) to provide multiple tier access but I don't know where i'm wrong. When I try to connect, my connection just match in one of the policies even I've used different users that should match to the other policies. I'm using a C25 controller and in the Authentication tab, the RFC 3580 is only with Filter-ID checkbox marked. Someone have a tutorial to teach me ? Thanks Luiz

3 replies

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This should help...
This should help...

Hi. Could you post this video again?, i have the same issue.
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This should help...

I am guessing Doug tried to post this video. You can search enterasys how to wireless for several related videos. Specific title of this one is How To Configure Microsoft Server 2008 to work with the Enterasys Wireless Solution I hope that helps