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  • 19 January 2015
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Hello guys,
I plan to install access points that can be directly connected via fiber -> AP3767e.

This AP uses external antennas and I'm not experienced with external antennas and therefore have some questions.

If the AP should provide omni-directional coverage I can install two different antenna types WS-AO-2S10360 or WS-AO-DS05360 (5dBi vs 10dBi).
My question is, how many of these antennas should be installed per radio?

I know that multiple antennas can provide additional throughput, reliability and range. But the costs increase and it is harder to mount several antennas next to the AP.

What is your recommendation on the number of antennas? Indoor (Multipath) vs. Outdoor?

If it is planned to install one AP with 6 omni antennas, how to mount these antennas to a pole or wall? I'm unable to find a mount kit, that allows the installation of a AP3767e with multiple antennas.

Is it possible to place the lightning protector and pigtail into the AP case or do we have to place these parts outside of the AP and then use a weatherproofing kit to safe the connectors?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Tony

You should not mix the antenna typ within one radio module.

If you use just one antenna per radio you will lose most of the 802.11n advantages. I would not recommence it.

In the Extranet under the part AccessPoints you can find document providing a lot of information regarding antenna installation: Extreme IdentiFi™ Wireless: External Antenna Site Preparation and Installation

If you are using omnidirectional rod antennas each they should orientate into a different direction per radio module.

If your APs are connected by fibre, maybe you can install the antennas without a lightning protector.

Kind regards