Implementing Netlogin with Microsoft NPS-AD-DHCP server in environment with Alcatel IP Phones

  • 11 November 2015
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I need to implement Netlogin for one of our customers, where all the devices should authenticate and get IP address from an NPS-AD-DHCP server.

It works fine for their PC and but the problem is with their Alcatel IP Phones.

In the current scenario, their alcatel ip phones need to have a "USE VLAN=" field manually configured on the phone for it get IP address from the PBX.

But it that field is set, the phone will not try to authenticate with the switch.
If I remove that field, the phone will authenticate with the switch, but it will not get an ip address.

Is any one aware of a similar scenario with Netlogin.
They have only one voice vlan. So is there a way I can set the ports to have a static tagged vlan while using netlogin to authenticate and dynamically assign the Untagged vlan.

Please ask if you need any details. I would highly appreciate any help.


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