Roaming for High Speed Transports

  • 4 April 2014
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I would like to know if we have any idea what is the maximum speed that we support for client roaming in this kind of environment? One of my customers asked if we support roaming at 90km/h? Also, would be useful to know which vendors support it.
Thank you.

1 reply

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For this type of deployment, Wi-Fi may not be the best fit. Although Wi-Fi can provide very fast roaming times (we target 40-80ms handoffs) between APs, it is really designed for people walking and not for fast moving transportation. In order to provide those high-rates of roaming you would require a large number of APs in close proximity along the track, requiring power + network access at each point. A better approach would be to provide Wi-Fi inside the train and use some type of broadband (WiMax, satellite, etc.) wireless connectivity to connect the users to the public cloud.