Telemetry system - AP 3915i

  • 18 February 2020
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Hi to all.

My name is Simon from from Slovenia (EU).
We are dealing with medical devices.
We have one telemetry system like this one:

We need to install it in one old hospital where are very thick brick walls (20 cm).
If you imagine structure of department. You have hallway and then you have on left and right site patient rooms , where patients will use telemetry receivers.
So right now there are installed your AP model 3915i on the middle of the hallway.
And now we have problems with receiving signal by the end of patient rooms (at windows).
So now I am trying to find if Extremenetworks have some AP portfolio with wider range or maybe it would help maybe some AP with external antennas. Or there is just option that we increase number of AP (inside the patient rooms). Orr there are some special AP’s recommended for hospital environment.
Maybe do you have some suggestion?
I could send you also more details.
Thank you in advance.
With kind regards, Simon

2 replies

Hi Simon,


It might be worth taking a look at the AP3912i for patient’s rooms:


These are perfect for small areas like this :)


Best Regards,



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We installed some monitoring systems f.e. from Draeger and at the end of the day (with a lot of measuring and planning) you will require APs in the patient rooms. Sometimes one per 4 bed room or one per two double-rooms - depending on the environment. Be aware that the mobile monitoring devices have limited transmit power so your RF desing should support APs with not more than 10dBm transmit power. This is the root cause for needing APs in the patient rooms. Everything else will end up in your scenario: low or no coverage in the farest corners…

btw with dealing the monitoring devices always at the edge of the coverage will emty their batteries in half of the normal using time.