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  • 13 November 2020
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i have wifi environment and users authentication via radius servers. All works with O365 accounts. When user have to change password in O365 than they can not access to wifi. In this case they have to delete wifi profile on the client (W10) and start from begining, than it works well. Do you have any idea?

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4 replies

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I’ve never seen such behaviour.

You’ll have to check the radius or wireless controller at that moment to see the status of the user.

Probably forcing a re-authetication or kicking the user out of the wifi platform should restart the authentication process and the pop up should appear requesting the password.


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Hi Volek,

What is the AD infrastructure? are you using MS Azure AD by any chance or any SSO implementation? 




Yes we have AD Azure. No SSO in the environment.

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Looks like a sync problem with Azure AD and Office 365. Do you have Azure Directory Sync Tool installed? this will help with Office365 and Azure AD user credentials synchronization. 

First to test it, you probably need to check in the wireless network settings if your client machine is configured to automatically use Windows Logon name and password for this network, if it is, then try un-checking the option as following and test, it will prompt you for password everytime you connect to the WiFi. Doing this should not require you to re-create the wireless network profile everytime you change the password.