WLAN: WMI certificate import via WOS

  • 13 December 2019
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we have WOS version 8.1.4-8076 and nearly 100 WAP9132 (8.4.2-7299). There are several SSIDs and one of them is a guest wlan, where a redirection page (captive portal) is used. The default  WAP certificate is now installed for WMI on all access points. We’d like to install a 3rd. party certificate from public CA authority on all WAPs, allthough would like to do it via WOS. But we cannot find any posibility for that in WOS. Checked the docu for WOS, but no solution for that. 

Is there any solution to import a 3rd party certificate to all WAPs over WOS, or we really have to upload it to every WAP separately?


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