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AP250 Bandwidth issues?

New Contributor

We recently added Gigabit internet to our church. Currently everything on our wired network is seeing the correct speeds with this type of bandwidth. However, when over WiFi we cant seem to get above ~90 Megabit. I know we wont see the same performance we would on a wired connection, but I did think we would see something over 100. We are within 15ft of our APs and do have line of site as well for these tests.


Thinking we might need to make some changes to the APs to see the additional bandwidth. Thanks.


New Contributor
Glad to hear that. I am working as a programmer, and the priest from my local church also asked me to install an internet connection. Also, he asked me some time ago to create a website for his church. So a good professional and a Christian, I've completed the requests. And now your local church has an internet connection and its website. If interested, you can check it out using the link. And to be honest, I am really happy and satisfied with the obtained result.


90MBs is a lot of bandwidth. If your not already, best practices is to use iperf locally to a device connected a 1GB wired device for bandwidth test. In real life scenario a end user will probably not be able to tell the difference between 90MBs and 100MBs performance, however increasing to channel length to 40MHz or even more is good tweek if your in a low density environment.

Contributor III
Depending on the density, you may want to consider increasing to at least 40 MHz channels.

New Contributor

Right now I am seeing 27% on 0 and 5% on 1. My phone (a modern Android) was connecting on 5Ghz. Not sure about to correctly gather the channel width, but I am seeing 20Mhz across the board under the Wireless Interface tab.