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To prevent the CWP page from loading for existing Guests that have already signed in to SSID. Due to Roaming away and returning the next day or during the day.

Hi, I believe I have found the answer, however I would like to check if this has any unwanted affects to roaming. I have a CWP for Guest self-registration over the Open SSID aerohive cloud RADIUS auth. This works well by sending the username and key ...

AnonymousM by Valued Contributor II
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Remove serial number from VHM

Hi,I'm an admin for a small company that uses Aerohive AP130s with an on prem Hivemanager. Unfortunately, the on prem server died before I was able to remove the AP serial numbers from the on prem hivemanager. We are now trying to move these 2 APs to...

Cryptoxic by New Contributor
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AP630 firmware version 10.3 capwap disappear

AP630 firmware version 10.3 capwap disappears over and over Agin.  The settings will disappear from the config within a min of adding and saving ... I have reset unit and tried to roll back firmware. Always removes capwap settings. AH-2ab2c0#show cap...

ckness by New Contributor
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