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Connection get lost for some users

New Contributor III

Hi Team,


I have two AP122, One is working as DHCP server. Both are running on OS HiveOS 7.0r4 build-145241.


I have 3 ssids one for Laptop users, another one for Mobiles and other for guest login.


Users connected to SSID which uses for LAPTOP, complaining sometimes internal servers not accessible and internet is not reachable.


When error occurs I try to disconnect and connect. But still issue was there. Then I try to connect another ssid(which doesn't have any filters) and disconnect it and try again. Issue seems rectified.


Thing is issue happen time to time.


Followings are my rules MAC and IP fw(Currently disabled fw option, seems it works fine now)




New Contributor III

Thank you Sam, I will do as you said and get back to you

Esteemed Contributor III

The next time you have clients who are unable to get to the internet, could you SSH in to the AP and run the following commands:


_debug auth basic

_debug auth verbose


Then have the client try again for you, then get tech data from the AP. To get tech data you'll want to go Tools> Utilities> Get tech data> Check the box next to the AP we enabled the debugs on> Get tech data (at the top of the page this time).