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Standalone AP122 stops broadcasting SSID after a couple of minutes

New Contributor

I'm configuring 3 AP122's for a site survey, they will be placed on top of tri-pods, only connected to POE batteries, no network and no "HIVE"


For this I need a configuration that doesn't require a connection to Hivemanager or the network in general.


I have created the working configuration below, a laptop connects, gets an IP address can ping the AP as required. However the AP stops broadcasting the SSIDD after a short period. Does anybody have an idea?


security-object TEST-1

security-object TEST-1 security protocol-suite wpa2-aes-psk ascii-key ***

security-object TEST-1 default-user-profile-attr 1

ssid TEST-Sitesurvey

ssid TEST-Sitesurvey security-object TEST-1

interface wifi0 radio channel 1

interface wifi0 radio power 20

interface wifi1 mode access

interface wifi1 radio channel 44

interface wifi1 radio power 20

interface wifi0 ssid TEST-Sitesurvey

interface wifi1 ssid TEST-Sitesurvey

no system led power-saving-mode

hostname AP01

interface mgt0 ip

interface mgt0 dhcp-server ip-pool

interface mgt0 dhcp-server enable

no capwap client enable

user-profile TEST-1 qos-policy def-user-qos vlan-id 1 attribute 1



New Contributor

Can this be related to the "track" function? There is nothing in the running configuration I can see though.

New Contributor

After a reboot the SSID is there again

Contributor III

Is the device reverting to a bootstrap config after failing to create a capwap connection?