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What WIPS actually do ?

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Hi Team,


I configured WIPS option in HM based on Detect rogue access points based on hosted SSIDs and encryption type and Enable rogue client reporting


When I go to monitoring->Security I only see unathorized APs and Clients. Is that what WIPS mean ?


Hope I'm not asking foolish question 🙂


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i already did this 00256201



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Thanks for letting us know @Roger Luz​ , would you be able to open a support ticket for this? We'll want to collect some data and see if we can't get that fixed for you.

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I have the same question. My APS does not classify any rogue devices as a rogue. It seems that is a bug.

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Hi Prashan,


The HiveManager will classify as Rogue depending on how you configure the WIPS Policy,


In the link Sam shared, under "Configure WIPS Settings"

Determine if detected rogue APs are connected to your wired (backhaul) network

Detect rogue access points based on their MAC OUI

Detect rogue access points based on hosted SSIDs and encryption type

Detect if wireless clients have formed an ad hoc network to identify rogue clients


It must be clear that an "Unauthorized" device is not necessarily a threat. It only means it is in the same shared airspace or can be overheard from a distance.


A "Rogue" Device can be many things, based on the Configuration in the WIPS Policy, but typically a Rogue that you would be cautious of, is one that is on your Network and Broadcasting an Ad-hoc SSID or cloning your SSID.


Hope this helps, 

David Souri

HiveCommunity Moderator