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Extreme Analytics 8.5.3 - Difference Extreme Application Sensor and Application Telemetry

New Contributor

Hello everyone,

since Analytics Release 8.5.3 the Extreme Analytics Engine combines the sensor and the engine:

“Extreme Networks is introducing the new Extreme Application Sensor and Analytics Engine. This new Analytics engine combines the sensor and engine into one package, eliminating the need for additional hardware requirements.”

Does the sensor now replace the need for CoreFlow switches?

What is the advantage of the Application Sensor, compared to Application Telemetry directly on the EXOS Switch (with the exception of sampling sFlow)?

Thank you very much in advance.



Valued Contributor II

Hi Sandro,

It seems that sensor+engine means you don’t need CoreFlowS&K/AppSensor/IPFIX/Telemetry/vSensor, although you can still benefit from other options depending on a use case. Please remember, analytics equipment placement may impact response time measurements. I would still stick to Telemetry on EXOS if I had EXOS, if I hadn’t (like in a 3rd party network), I’d consider this new approach.

Perhaps someone here already has experience with this new approach, I’d also be glad to hear how that performs.

Hope that helps,