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What is the recommended NOS version for VDX6740T-1G?

New Contributor
I'm planning to upgrade my VDX6740T-1G but I'm wondering what is the best (more stable) NOS for this model. The target path said NOS 4.1.3d but I'd like to know if it's possible to upgrade to 7.01c for example. I have not Brocade experience so, can someone share his experiences with this kind of upgrade. Does any one had upgraded from 4.1.3 to 7.01c?

Thanks in advance

New Contributor III

Current target path for VDX 6740T does include NOS 7.0.1c and also 7.1.0b please see target path document here:

Upgrade from NOS 4.1.3b to 7.x in a single step would require defaulting the configuration, but if you step one major release at a time i.e. 4.1.3b -> 5.x -> 6.x -> 7.x then it will retain configuration on each step.

Also note that each upgrade is classed as a major upgrade and as such will be disruptive and will require a cold boot of the device as part of the upgrade.