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Does 95624 Part number called "Managed Cloud WiFi" mean?

New Contributor III
Hi community,

Could somebody let me know the 95624 part number mean?

I do not find it in any guide document.

Is it used for cloud subscription?

Thank in advance.

Honored Contributor
If you order CS-WLANROW9 you get..
- 2x license for a V2110
- full Extreme Management Center (NMS-ADV-U) license plus another one for lab use
- IA-ES-12K license = 12k user license for Extreme Control

This bundle costs (about) nothing but instead you pay a anual fee per Access Point.

You'd install the VMs whereever you want..... i.e. customers ESXi or partners ESXi.


Thank you so much, Ronald.

Sorry wrong PN# in the first post - it's CS-WLANROW9 for the Cloud solution.
I've changed it now in the post.

I think that 95624 is the anual service fee per AP for the product number CS-WLANROW9.