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X440 switch config

New Contributor
New X440-g2-24p using ExtremeCloud controller - switch talks to the cloud but internal hosts (I'll use a laptop on port 18 for example) can't ping the Internet.
Port 18 has been set for Host and Other - no joy.
Admin state up or down - no joy.
Network for default VLAN added and removed - no joy.
From another computer (not plugged into the x440) I can ping the switch.
Unplug the switch and plug the cable into the laptop - pings the Internet.
Patch cable confirmed - good.

According to tech support (from another issue that has been cleared up) CLIing into the switch can break the ExtremeCloud connection, so testing from CLI seems to not be an option.

(I'm guessing the lack of communication through the switch is causing my access point to continually reboot, so getting the communication flowing seems to be my 1st objective. I'll attack the access point later if necessary.)

New Contributor
I'm only using VLAN 1 (default vlan) and the switch picks up its config. I'm using port 18 for the host (host is set for DHCP same as the switch and is supposed to get an IP lease from our DHCP server like the switch does) Everything is private IP for us inside the firewall, so the switch picks up 192.168.x.x from the DHCP server and the Host is showing 192.168.x.x (different IP) that it picked up from the DHCP server (same as the switch). ExtremeCloud says the switch is checking in regularly, but the host (on port 18 - same on other ports) still doesn't ping through the switch.
Subnet Mask and Gateway are correct for our network.

There is no routing involved - we're flat.

Just wondering about the switch config that can be handled through the cloud interface.

Contributor II

it doesn't seem to be a CC issue, but rather a configuration issue. What port is connecting the switch to internet? through what device? is that port tagged with the expected VLAN IDs?