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Captive Portal Guest Registration add an additional radio button.

Valued Contributor

Have a WiFi Captive Portal solution using Guest Registration, and added the option to accept the AUP.

The problem I have is that I need to add an additional button as an opt in / out for for collecting data, and record that information.

The only way I can managed this at moment is add an additional custom field and direct the guest user to type 'yes' if they wish to be contacted or 'no' or leave blank if they don't.

It would be more convenient for the guest to change the custom field to a radio button, hence wondering if it can easily be done?

My assumption is that I'll have to go into the HTML / CSS to do this. Its not something I've tried before, sure its probably not too difficult but just time consuming to look into - hence asking if anyone knows a quick answer.

Many thanks in advance.

New Contributor
Martin, i checked with our R&D and unfortunately it is not possible to "offline" modify that form that is presented to the guest/visitor. I will request you to create an FR for this feature.


Thanks for going to the trouble to find an answer and post back. Cheers.

Valued Contributor
Hi Shmulik,

Thanks for posting back, and I should have been more clear but no, this is an ExtremeControl captive portal.


New Contributor
Martin, just to be sure...your question is about CP built-into ExtremeWireless (IdentiFi) and not ExtremeControl...correct?