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Change time and time zone

New Contributor III
I would use netsight to change time and time zone and ntp to refer of my switch

I used Telnet on b5 series and I managed to set it but on XOS series I could not set it

Honored Contributor
If you check the console log should see the error "Device does not support setting Date and Time.".
So you'd need to change it via CLI.

New Contributor III
Yesterday the helpdesk technician tried to set (via telnet) the reference NTP server and the time zone and apparently he succeeded on the b5 series but not on XOS and in fact on these (x440, x450 and x460) the hour it's one hour ahead.
Today I would simply like to change the time via netsight but I can not do it and the time remains always set.
It should be easy to change the time with netsight, I do not claim the time zone but the time should be changed easily.
So my questions are 2
1 Why is the time ahead of an hour on the XOS devices?
2 How can I change the time through netsight? (on the xos I saw that it is not possible)


If I click OK...


Honored Contributor
You mean you like to use a XMC script to tx the CLI commands to the switch to change the time settings and you are looking for the correct XOS commands to do it !?