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How to create and use configuration templates in Management Center 8?

New Contributor III
One Management release later and still the question is if we can create config templates for XOS devices like we used to be able for EOS devices.The documentation is referring to non-existant content. So in theory we should be able to deploy a template to a new switch,.....if only we had a way to create one.
Any new insights into this ?? Scheduled for 9.x ??

Valued Contributor

Templates feature is not currently supported in 8.x. The feature is currently targeted for 8.1. Target version is subject to change.

The documentation and application show you the ability to deploy a template, but the feature does not work.


New Contributor III
1. Please use the Java Inventory Manager for Configuration Management and you will find the templates i'm talking about.
As i'm writing this, on the right side of my screen your own website links to similiar questions about the EMC.

2. My observation is indeed that Extrem tries to emulate the functions of the "configuration Templates" via the sites "Defaults".

3. Proof reading your documentation under
on page 1360:

Restoring a Configuration

Using a configuration template allows you to restore a complete or partial
configuration to the device with variables you can define specifically for that
device. If you are going to use a configuration template for your device, you
must create the Configuration Template to use as the source configuration for a

"create the Configuration Template" is a link to page 213,....named: "Editing an Archive" but no where in the following pages is any word about templating a configuration.

Greetings Holger

Thanks, Holger.

I changed the link to direct you to the "How to Back up, Restore, and Compare Device Configurations in Extreme Management Center" topic.

I apologize for the confusion, but in Extreme Management Center, "archives" are actually the name used for saved device configurations. While sites automatically configure the devices as you add them to Extreme Management Center, archives allow you to save a configuration for a particular device that you can then restore in the event you make unwanted changes.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else.


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Hi Holger. I'm not positive we're talking about the same thing, but in versions 7.x and 8.x, Sites (a sub-tab located within the Network > Devices tab) establish the default configuration for your devices. I've attached a couple of links to the documentation, the first explains the Site tab itself, the other explains how to set up your sites.

In addition, could you please let me know where in the documentation you found the non-existent content? I'm the writer for Extreme Management Center and I try to keep the documentation as current as possible. If there is a way to improve, I would be happy to help!

Thank you!