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How to find when a port was last used

How to find when a port was last used

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Campus switch see lots of changes and need to find a way to show ports that have not been used in a set period of time.

Another option is to check via CLI.

show port info detail | include Port:|Link\sState:|Link\sUps:|Link\sDowns:
will get you a pretty concise list of all ports with their current state as well as the time of the last link up and link down. See the example output below from one of my lab switches.

X440G2-12t-10G4.1 # show port info detail | inc Port:|Link\sState:|Link\sUps:|Link\sDowns: Port: 1
Link State: Active, 1Gbps, full-duplex
Link Ups: 1 Last: Thu Aug 03 16:59:29 2017
Link Downs: 0 Last: --
Port: 2
Link State: Ready
Link Ups: 0 Last: --
Link Downs: 0 Last: --

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I know, this is an old thread, but I have to count a lot of active ports right now, because old B5 Switchs need to be replaced soon! I found the Port Status VLAN Flex-View very useful for this purpose. Especially with the XMCs capability to export the flex view to a csv and some Excel-filtering, its fairly easy to get this information!


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If you have a syslog server you could also query via a filter to switch ip switch port and get all the port for up down entries within your date range. Depending on how many ports are inactive as how many times you would need to repeat the query changing the port filter.

I spoke to someone who indicated this was a good report to determine unused ports as long as capacity planning was part of the archive process.

I need to verify that it is an accurate report and understand how a singe device can have too different dates in the date field.

According to "Help" Date = The date and time of the data sample used to generate the port information.



It's not what you are really looking for, however an indirectly possibility would be to compare Link Status and "Bytes Transferred" in Capacity Planing Report. If zero bytes were transmitted on a port, probably this one was never up since the switch is running.