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nac display wrong wireless Switchport in NAC v8.1.3.65

Contributor II
In NAC the end-systems are linked to the wrong switchport. Other end-systems are linked to the right switchport.

How to resolve?

Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Valued Contributor
Hey Johan,

Is it an Extreme wireless controller?

Essentially we would need to turn on debug to figure out where the wrong switchport information is coming from:

What information is it providing? Another SSID that is previously connected to?


Valued Contributor III
You should enable at least the SSID. If you need more informations like the AP Name as NAC location enable this, too!
Regards Stephan

I checked the first option and I noticed that none of my Wlan's has the vsa enabled.


Johan Hendrik System Architect Audax

Valued Contributor III
Hello John,

first of all debugging you should check two things:

  1. Do your wireless controller sent the SSID as Radius TLV (this is a per WLAN Service option). Check this in you WLAN Service in the "Auth&Acct" menu for your Radius server (it's a button).
  2. Is the correct rule NAC applied to the device and is this rule connected to the SSID?

Regards Stephan